photo: Lorenzo Agius © copyright – 2013 (Phillips auction house)




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The Art of the Handbag, NMH publ. 1988
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Visual Delights, first edition, Conran-Octopus publ. 1985
Particular Delights, 1st edition, Norman & Hobhouse, (hb), 1981


BIBLIOGRAPHY (contributions)

A Book for Cooks: 101Classic Cookbooks, Leslie Geddes-Brown, Merrell publ. 2013
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More Dream Homes, Andreas von Einsiedel, (Merrell), 2008
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Celebrity Bedroom Retreats, Joanna Lee Doster, 2002
Bags, Anna Johnson, 2002
Divinely Decadent, Stephen Calloway, 2001
More is More, Mary Schoeser, 2001
Handbags, Tracy Tolkien, Miller’s Collector’s Guide, 2001
Textile Style, Caroline Clifton-Mogg, 2000
The Handbag, Carmel Allen, 1999
Bags, Claire Wilcox, 1999
Bags, a Lexicon of Style, Valerie Steele, 1999
London Living, Lisa Lovatt-Smith, 1997
The Cutting Edge, Kevin Sinclair, 1993
House & Garden: Classic Rooms, 1989
The Taste of France, Robert Fresson, 1983


Sculptures, Chelsea Flower Show, 2014
TOOLS, Art at Annoushka, June 2013
Sin-Unseen, The Store, Venice Biennale, 2013




Abate Zanetti, Glass, Venice, 2013/2014
V & A Museum, Fashion Gallery, 2004
Sothebys London: Waste to Taste, 2003
Sothebys London: Losa, 2002
Celebration in Gold & Silver, The Goldsmiths Hall, 2002
Satellites of Fashion, British Council-Arts, 2000
Sothebys London: Contemporary Decorative Arts, 2003
Sothebys London: Contemporary Decorative Arts, 2002
Sothebys London: Contemporary Decorative Arts, 2001
Sothebys London: Contemporary Decorative Arts, 2000
Sothebys London: Contemporary Decorative Arts, 1999
Sothebys New York: Pulp Fashion, 1999
Bowes Museum: Spirit of the Times, 1998
Sothebys New York: To Have and to Hold,1998
Cartier Paris: Decor de Pacha, 1990




Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 1997, 2004
The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New  York, 1997




Hamilton & Inches, London, 2000
Debenhams Designer label, London, 1998
Saks Fifth Avenue, 1998
Takashimaya, NY, 1997
House of Balmain, Paris, 1997




Wullens Foundation, 2012




British Museum: Cartier 1900-1939, (1997)
British Museum: Princes, Poets & Papadins, (1998)
British Museum: Gilded Dragon Gala, (1999)
Royal Academy of Art: Minuetto Ball, (1996)
Royal Academy: Chinese Ball, (1999)

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