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Giorgio Vigna

Elisabetta Cipriani @ Sprovieri Gallery

23 Heddon Street, W1B 4BQ

+44 020 7342 2066

photos: nathalie hambro

Jewellery by contemporary artist Giorgio Vigna.

Giorgio Vigna’s unique jewellery is the essence of natural elements in their most primitive and primordial state. They are geological adventures of earth and water, Iire and wind, light and shadow, which form the basis of the artist’s research; where the natural and the artiIicial, the macrocosm and microcosm meet and collide and are deIined through their opposition and contrast.

The materials he uses are copper, glass, gold, silver, sand and magnets, always handled in new and surprising ways. He uses the material following its natural characteristics but also exploring the potential to limits revealing hidden possibilities: put together, kneaded folded and combined until it becomes something else, a concrete expression of possible worlds. The simplicity of the shapes and of the material tends to revel the unexpected: a sudden golden slit in the shadow of oxidized copper.

His objects become sculptures to be worn, elements which generate possible transformations which reveal new ways of life and celebration.

In Vigna’s work, sensible to tribal evocations and to ethnic memories of which he is passionate connoisseur and collector, matter and form are always in close relation with the body and its gestures.

A small selection of Vigna’s art works will interact with the jewellery. Geodi is a reticular structure with an organic and light look, but in reality strong and resistant, which evoke the Karesansui, the Japanese “gardens of stone”. Fuochi d’Acqua, unique glass pieces realized by Venini. Cosmogonie, are works on paper invoking a fragmented origin of the cosmos life. This is the result of thirty years of research developed by the artist through his personal and printing technique of “acquatipo”, which creates a dialogue between water and ink.

Giorgio Vigna‘s (Verona 1955) work is constantly developing along an imaginary line between the various Iields of art and design, creating sculptures capable of putting his imaginative force in resonance with the elements of nature in its primordial and primary aspects.

In 2011 Giorgio Vigna was invited by Fortuny Museum in Venice to take part to the exhibition TRA. Edge of becoming during the 54° Biennale d’Arte, especially realizing Sospeso sculpture. He expanded his research on glass, starting in 1997 an intense collaboration with Venini. His unique glass pieces were on display in the solo exhibition Nature di Vetro (2003) at Museo Correr in Venice and Museo di Villa Pignatelli in Naples, held in collaboration with Venini. The unique glass piece Gorgoglio became part of the permanent jewelry collection of MAD, Museum of Arts & Design in New York after a touring exhibitions hosted by important Museums worldwide in 2009.















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